A King’s Crusade – The Asland Dynasty – Chapter 1

A King’s Crusade – The Asland Dynasty – Chapter 1

First things first, we need to find ourselves a Wife in order to provide an Heir. As she is important to Jarl Dagg of Oppland, we require his blessing to marry his Spymaster, who we’ll also presumably be removing from his Court. He agrees, primarily because he’s terrified of us!

Astrid is Content, Lustful, Patient, and an Intricate Webweaver.

The chance of children is high. The marriage is arranged.

Onto Suggestions made by the game. First, to declare War on Chieftain þorgil of Orkney. It appears we are stronger than them and we can consider doing so.

We are not endorsed by our Godi. More so than our Champions and Courtiers, a good opinion of us from our Godi is important and we will have to make an effort to sway his opinion.

We can declare War(s), against Orkney, which we’ll look at. Alba, where King Causantin II MacCináed will wipe the floor with us. Or Chieftain Ingólfr of Faereyar, which *may* be possible.

Or, interestingly, we have fewer concubines that would appear ‘seemly’ and we require to take more. Of the available Ladies. Aleta is Melancholic, and Sigrid is Hunchbacked. Both congenital traits which could be passed down to any offspring and we cannot afford to damage our Dynasty before it’s even started.

Our new Courtier Malmfrið will also be our first Concubine.

Our, soon to be replaced Spymaster, Linda, is chosen as our second.

War on Orkney is declared.

And Victory soon follows, though we don’t have enough men to lay siege to Kyrkovik, so return home to regroup.

Meanwhile our Concubine, Linda, has overstepped her mark, and will have to be reminded who is Chieftain.

Back at full strength the Siege of Kyrkovik resumes.

Our holdings increase.

Bolstered by our recent Victory, a raiding party is dispatched to Caithness.

Our Dynasty founder is now 66 and, despite having our Wife Astrid, AND 2 concubines. We still do not have a Heir. Perhaps we could try to Seduce our Wife.

Next week, we’ll find out whether our seduction skills are up to scratch and whether the Raid of Alba was a success.

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