CK3 - World Map 867AD

A King’s Crusade – The Asland Dynasty – Chapter 3

In for a penny…

In an effort to bring more stability to the Dynasty, we arrange a Betrothal for our Daughter, Elisabet Einarrsdottir Asland (0) with Merfyn ap Rhodri Aberffaw (6).

And our Son, Ragnar Einarrsson Asland (0) with Patruina Gatoniz de Cantabria.

We are blessed with another Son! Our former Concubine, Aleta has blessed us with Christopher.

As is the way with things. Another Betrothal is arranged. Between Christopher Einarsson Asland, and Gormlaith nig Áed Néill.

Malmfrið, our former Concubine, and Mother to Elisabet, has been outed as a non-believer.

Should Dominic be brought up in the Gaelic Culture?

Dominic has developed the Trait “Charming”.

Prince Rhodri II of Gwynedd has requested our assistance in his War against Worcestershire. Sadly we are in no position to do so as we try to stabilise our own Chiefdom.

We all know Norse are of superior moral fibre but Saxons ARE good people…

Our magnanimity is rewarded!

Astrid has blessed us with another Son, Magnus.

Come on Magnus!

Magnus seems to be over the worst and plans therefore press on to arrange Magnus’ (1) Betrothal, to Elvira Guttieriz de Coimbra (16)

Meanwhile we gain another opportunity to increase Bishop Walfur’s opinion of us.

Insolence will NOT be tolerated.

Astrid is once again with Child!

Astrid blesses us with another Daughter. Freydis.

Little time is wasted in arranging a Betrothal, to Yves Gellones (5)

We have neither time nor appetite for Linda’s games.

Go Magnus!

I mean, we are both a Charismatic Negotiator and a Diplomat.

Astrid is once again, again, with Child! To think we were worried that we not have time to produce an Heir!

Astrid blesses us with our 5th Son. Constantine.

Constantine’s betrothal is quickly arranged. With Ingeltrude Alaholfinger (5), Daughter of Count Berthold of Aargau.

After 17 tumultuous years. 9 December 883AD Jarl Einarr Asland, at the age of 80. Has died.

Next week, can Jarl Dominic Einarsson Asland bring stability and prosperity to the Dynasty?

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