CK3 - World Map 884AD

A King’s Crusade – The Asland Dynasty – Chapter 4

Following some Dynasty housekeeping, it is discovered Ragnar Einarsson Asland’s Betrothal to Patruina Gatoniz de Cantabria was nullified when she moved to the Court of another Ruler. Another Betrothal is arranged for the now 12 year old Ragnar, to Gerberga de Bruyeres (9), Granddaughter of King Charles II of West Francia.

Under the Tutelage of Bragi, Dominic has converted back to Ásatrú.

But is now being bullied by his 6 year old sister…

To make things worse, Dominic has just discovered his intended may not be quite as Chaste as we hoped, as she has Lover’s Pox!

With no political marriages available, we instead choose for Traits, with Rikissa Ragnarrsdottir Stake (13) being attractive and the marriage having a high chance of children.

We knew it! Our Father was on good terms with King Causantin II, and it was after his death that Áed MacCináed took the throne of Alba, and launched the Holy War which took took Shetland from our control.

Now that, Your Highness, was foolish…

Dominic, our Dynasty Head, has come of age!

Áed MacCináed has committed heinous crimes. Not only against his own family but against ours. Never forgotten.

We have received word that Serhilda, a Courtier in Áed MacCináed’s Court is a non-believer. It would be a shame if this were to be publicly known.

A non-believing Archbishop? It seems MacCináed’s Court is little more than a charade.

I have no desire to turn my Courtiers against one another however, knowledge is power.

Our Betrothed, Rikissa Ragnarrsdottir, has come of age!

And the hits just keep coming from the Court of Áed MacCináed. His Courtier Seonaid is also his Lover!

Well, despite his unabashed hatred for us, our Liege has given us a Vassal, in the form of Banmormaer Cnes MacDomnall of Faereyar.

The time has come to take a Concubine. Our Court is small, as are the options. We opt to take Malmfrið, Mother to our Half-Sister, Elisabet, as our first Concubine.

We are blessed! Rikissa Ragnarrsdottir is with child!

MacCináed is nothing if not salty however, we are now the Steward of Alba. Ironically our Stewardship is, by far, our worst Trait.

We have a Son! Dominic Dominicsson Asland.

Next week, our Schemes against King Áed MacCináed continue.

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