CK3 - World Map 884AD

A King’s Crusade – The Asland Dynasty – Chapter 5

We celebrate the birth of our Son and Heir, Dominic, by taking another Concubine. Our Courtier, Asta.

Our Liege, clearly trying to enforce his authority, requests that our Son and Heir, Dominic Dominicsson, be sent to his Son, Máel-Mórda MacEithne Ailpin, for Guardianship. In the process being taught in the Gaelic Culture AND converted to Catholicism. We do not appreciate this.

What we will do however is arrange a betrothal with Ingibjörg Sygtryggsdottir Ivaring (1), she is Sickly but will hopefully overcome this before she comes of age.

Benoit de Molle wishes to join our Court with his Wife and young Son. We will accept him on the condition he converts from Catholicism.

That evening something about the food interests us and we require more information.

Frustratingly, we were unable to gain access to the kitchen.

Our Liege has decided that he wishes to revoke our Title. To Decline is to go to War… To accept means we displace Banmormaer Cnes MacDomnall and take her Title at Faereyar.

Our Liege has decided that we are no longer worthy of our place as his Steward.

In brighter news, Rikissa has blessed us with a Daughter, Amanda.

Dominic is becoming Pensive.

And Rikissa is once again with Child!

Rikissa has blessed us with another Daughter, Astrid.

Our Liege has again seen fit to place us on his Council, this time as his Chancellor. At least we have skills in this field.

Our Mentor, Baldr, has taught us all he knows.

A stranger, Birgitta, approaches us with regards to offering her services. We are quick to take her up on her offer.

Lanfranco has taught Dominic all he knows.

And it’s time to let Birgitta show us what she can do.

In more ways than one.

Clearly a different approach is required if we are to continue to exist within our Liege’s Kingdom.

Conversation is not our strong suit it seems.

Something which is picked up on.

Lying comes much more naturally.

What are alliances if not to be broken?

Next week. How do you solve a problem like King Áed MacCináed?

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