CK3 - World Map 884AD

A King’s Crusade – The Asland Dynasty – Chapter 6

Because why not?

Our Concubine, Asta, is with Child!

As is our Wife, Chieftess Rikissa!

Asta has given birth to a Daughter. Sofia Dominicsdottir.

Without further ado, Sofia (0) is betrothed to Guðfrið Baldrsson Ivaring (2)

Rikissa also blesses us with a Daughter. Aslaug Dominicsdottir.

Our noble Liege has turned Tattletale… The opportunity to potentially wound was too much to turn down.

The Intrigue bonus was just too good to turn down… It’s purely business.

Of course. He’s damn near omnipotent.

We have 3 Concubines but THIS is what labels us as an adulterer?! Surely double standards. We’ll deal with Constantine later.

So simple.

If something needs done, best doing it ourselves.

Our Wife, Rikissa, is once again with child!

So close…

It’s now or never.

Shouldn’t have taken our County!

It actually worked!

Oh you have no idea what our demands are…

A 25 year contract (or presumably as long as he lives) as our Liege’s Spymaster.

Aslaug and Sofia wanted a babysitter…

Next week, we’ll see how long it takes for our Liege to retaliate.

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