CK3 - World Map 884AD

A King’s Crusade – The Asland Dynasty – Chapter 7

Our Wife, Rikissa, has blessed us with yet another Daughter, Freyja Dominicsdottir.

You get a Betrothal, and you get a Betrothal!

Aslaug Dominicsdottir, Freyja Dominicsdottir, and Öysteinn Christophersson all have their Betrothals arranged, to Sæmundr Hrolfrsson Trönde, Arni Sverkesson af Wolin and Rögnfrið Tostesdottir Ubbing, respectively.

Constantly Constantine…

Things are not looking good and it’s time for some adjustment. Our Son, Dominic Dominicsson’s Betrothed, Ingibjörg MacSigtrygg Ivaring, has been imprisoned by Prince Hywel ap Rhys of Deheubarth for some time and, with Dominic coming of age in a few years, we require to find a new Betrothed.

A Betrothal is arranged with Iliana Alesdottir af Pallteskja (12).

Once again our insane Liege, takes Faereyar from us…

And then turns right around and grants us a Vassal, in Mormaer Máel-Mórda of Orkney.

In a bid to both appease him and fill a gap in our Council, we appoint our Brother Ragnar as our Court Physician

Just as he prepares to take up his role, Ragnar is killed in Mysterious Circumstances. Ending our alliance with Count Louis of Bellac. Gluttonous as a child, we turn to comfort eating as a means of relieving stress.

Well, this was an unexpected development, we cannot help but remain suspicious, he’s shown apparent kindness before.

With our scheme complete, the time to strike is now. Like taking candy from a baby…

Our efforts to woo Rikissa prove fruitful!

Meanwhile our conquest of Devon has been a mixed bag thus far.

Our Gluttony is beginning to become a worry as we develop some more unusual tastes.

In brighter news, Rikissa is once again Pregnant!

After 5 Daughters, Rikisa has blessed us once again with a Son! Einarr Dominicsson,

Another Champion is injured. This is now 2 Champions (Constantine and Talorc) hurt and 2 (Baldr and Huntnir) killed as we try to stablisise Devon.

Meanwhile at our Court, all manner of schemes, with one known Schemer, Suni af Raumsdakr, caught and imprisoned. And plots against Benoit and Ingeltrude (one by Malmfrið, who is becoming a real nuisance).

While we caught and imprisoned one of her Ill-wishers, sadly the unknown second assailant got to, and murdered our Sister-In-Law, Ingeltrude Alaholfinger, Wife of our Brother Constantine. However, we are nothing if not adaptable and, with a Sister-in-Law, Gerberga de Bruyeres (Widow of our Brother, Ragnar) and our Brother Constantine, both in need of a Spouse, we only require the agreement of their respective Liege, which I think is likely, and we can tie off those threads. The game does state that the chance of children is “None” however neither show any infertility traits so we remain hopeful.

I mean, we ARE stressed… Oh, dear, this is a dark road we walk.

Next week, we look to stabilise Devon and see whether we can make any further gains and we’ll seek a Betrothal for our Beautiful Son, Einarr.

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