CK3 - World Map 884AD

A King’s Crusade – The Asland Dynasty – Chapter 9

Arni Sverkersson of Wolin, who was Betrothed to our Daughter, Freyja, has died under Mysterious Circumstances.

No time is wasted in finding an appropriate replacement.

While we are arranging Betrothals, we arrange one for our Son, Ragnarr. To Ingibjörg MacSigtrygg Ivaring.

And Daughter, Astrid Dominicsdottir. (Editor’s Note: Only while posting this entry did I realise the Betrothal is not Matrilineal)

Our Concubine and, twice Sister-in-Law, Gerberga, is with Child!

Nothing that a good feast cannot cure! Or, several good feasts.

Earl Tyke makes our life that little easier.

Gerberga blesses us with another Daughter, Katarina.

In a power play, of which we are most proud, we took Jarl Frirek Bagsecgsson of Jylland’s Daughter, Alfhildr (7) as our Betrothed, after he took the Mother of (most) of our Children as his Concubine. And immediately hatched a scheme to abduct his Daughter, and Heir, Alvör Frireksdottir Jute.

The Gods smile on us as our Son, Ragnarr, has cast off his childhood sickness!

Our Daughter Astrid comes of Age. With no small thanks due to her Step-Mother, Rikissa.

Another round of Betrothals. Our Children, Einarr to Talvi Läänemaa. Amanda to Refr Halfdansson Oskyldr. And Katarina to Asep Turgay. And our Niece, Malmfrið Elisabetsdottir, to Ninian.

By fully taking advantage of the military strength of our allies, we have managed to control enough of Ireland to appoint ourselves King. We do not, yet, have sufficient Gold to do so.

We are trying to extricate ourselves from Alba and its insane Royal Family, we have no desire to engage in the politics of their realm.

Somehow during our conquests we managed to capture Earl Tyke, Spouse of our Vassal and Chancellor, Chieftess Halla Björnsdottir of Upland. It’s important to keep an important Vassal happy and we’re happy to release him.

Dammit Halla!

We may not be married any longer but she’s still our Lover. Until now. That dirty, dirty, Jarl Frirek has ruined you Rikissa…

We have sufficient funds to complete the arrangements and crown ourselves King of Ireland however because our Liege is the King of Alba, we require to be free of his control.

Hahaha, No.

There is nothing to be gained from spreading distrust among our Court.

DAMMIT Halla! Fine, we’re not even sure how we gained control of Upland in the first place.

No idea what happened to her previous Betrothed but we once again arrange a Betrothal for Astrid. To Haraldr ᚦorbrandsson Gautske.

Now COME ON Halla! You’ve asked for this…

Not so dear that you won’t pay a reasonable ransom fee?

Meanwhile, with literally every vassal under his control demanding Independence from King Máel-Mórda MacEithne of Alba, our Independence Faction is ready to enforce our demands.


The Kingdom of Alba is in tatters. In a couple of months we will once again have the required Gold to take our throne as King of Ireland.

We are now a Mighty King! King Dominic McEinarr of Ireland. We will need to spend some time sorting Duchies and Vassals, then try to just consolidate things before we plan out next moves. We are also a Grandfather! To Markus Amandasson Asland.

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