CK3 - World Map 884AD

A King’s Crusade – The Asland Dynasty – Chapter 8

Excellent news as our Wife, Rikissa, reports that she is once again with Child!

Another Son! In tribute to our fallen Brother and after Rikissa’s Father, we welcome Ragnarr to the Dynasty.

Unfortunately Ragnarr is a Sickly Child…

Our Son and Heir comes of Age.

Constantine… You were a complete tool but you were our Brother… As if that wasn’t enough, they also imprisoned our Wife, Rikissa!

Losing a Brother is stressful.

Our Spymaster and Concubine, Birgitta, is with Child!

Meanwhile this seems like a fitting end for the Mad Old King who blighted both our Father’s and our own, Life.

We do not forget.

Do we finally have a King to be proud to swear fealty to?

Nope, mad as a box of badgers. It’s been 5 days…

In brighter news, Birgitta has given us another Daughter. Astrid, named after our recently departed Mother.

Oh come on now, it’s been barely a week since you dropped me from your Council…

Oh thank the Gods!


Our Daughter, Amanda, comes of Age.

To celebrate, we take the Widow of our Brothers, Ragnar and Constantine, and our Sister-in-Law, Gerberga de Bruyeres, as our Concubine.

We do not forgive.

Next week, Some Dynasty housekeeping and then we look to stabilise our slightly larger holdings.

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