CK3 - World Map 867AD

A King’s Crusade – The Asland Dynasty – Prologue

Welcome to what will hopefully be a long running series based on my play of Crusader Kings 3, by Paradox Interactive.
We will start at the lowest possible level, in this case being Chieftain Einarr, of Shetland. Founder and head of the Asland Dynasty. He is 64, unmarried and has no children.

As with most Scandinavians around this time, we follow the Ásatrú faith, one of a large number of potential faiths. Our faith will play a large part in our decision-making going forwards and, as it’s a massive piece of learning, we’ll look into that when it becomes necessary.

Culturally we’re Norse, part of the North Germanic Group, with the direction of said culture, steered by our Cultural Head, Jarl Bjórn ‘Ironside’ of Uppland.

Einarr is Greedy, Deceitful, Callous, a Charismatic Negotiator, and a Patriarch.

As things stand, we have no Heir, and no Spouse which, at 64 years old is not a good position to be in. As much as it may be useful to seek a political alliance through marriage, it’s more important at this point that we produce an Heir. To that end we simply need to find a Fertile spouse, in order to secure our Dynasty.

Before we get started with actual game-play, we will just go through the information on the main screen.

We have 17 Domain Gold currently with monthly income of 1.5. 450 Prestige, with +1.04/ month and a starting Level of Fame, of ‘Established’. 50 Piety, with +0.27/ month and a starting Level of Devotion, of Dutiful. 96 Renown, with +0.27/ month, and a Level of Splendor, of Obscure. And total soldiers of 310, comprising 305 Levies, and 5 Champions. Our military is of Elite Quality.

“Realm” shows some basic domain information. Our domain is small to say the least but it will grow with our Dynasty.

“Military” shows that our completely insignificant military strength cost us nothing to maintain.

“Council” shows our current advisers. All of whom dislike us. We are unmarried and therefore have no Spousal support. Our Godi, Hjalmar, will be assigned to Religious Relations which will increase our monthly Piety bonus. Our Chancellor, Gandalfr, will be assigned to Foreign Affairs which will increase our monthly Prestige bonus. There is little need for him to focus on Domestic Affairs with no vassals to subjugate. Our Steward, Bragi, will be assigned to Collect Taxes, which will increase our monthly Income bonus. Our Marshal, Sverker, will be set to Train Commanders, in the hope he’ll be able to improve our current Champions and/ or find new Champions. Finally our Spymaster, Linda, will be tasked with disrupting any Hostile Schemes against us until we work out how things lie politically.

Our “Court” screens show those on our Council, our Champions, and Guest(s), all of whom have a negative opinion of us, due to our personal traits. It does show however that Malmfrið, a Guest, would make a better Steward than Bragi, and that Bragi would make a better Spymaster than Linda. It will cost us 3 Gold to make the change, which seems reasonable.

“Intrigue” screen shows we have no current Schemes in place.

“Factions” shows we have no vassals and therefore no Factions to dislike us.

“Decisions” gives a list of Decisions we can make, none of which we can realistically afford.

Finally, we just have our Lifestyle choice to make. We already have Diplomacy Experience and this seems like the most suitable Lifestyle. Einarr is already a Patriarch and needs to create an Heir as soon as possible, so it makes sense that we opt for Family Focus.

Next week. we’ll unfreeze time and look to make our first moves.

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