The Struggle Within – Introduction

The Struggle Within – Introduction

A Psuedo-Dragonlance setting. Any previous knowledge you may have about Dragonlance should be put to one side. This is not the Dragonlance you know. Many things may be similar, if not identical. While others have been changed completely.

Campaign Synopsis:

Brancha, 20th Day of Fleurgreen, 350AC (Sunday, 20th June 350 [After Cataclysm])

It has been 5 years since the last ‘Call To Arms’. Still, to this day, tales are told of the riches and which can be earned, simply by accepting a ‘blind task’ from Merchant-Lord Draven. Success may mean riches beyond imagination, perhaps even permanent employ. Failure invariably means death. Despite the dangers, this has been most popular Call To Arms to date.

You are all natives of the continent of Ansalon, in the world of Krynn. All Player Characters are strangers to one another, and are crossing the Straits of Schallsea from Edgerton, in Solamnia, to Daltigoth, in Southern Ergoth, with a view to answering the ‘Call To Arms’ put out by an Elven Merchant-Lord by the name of Elric Draven.

You have been introduced to the ship’s captain, a human male named William Benedictus, and his first mate, Maelius Sunward, a ‘twitchy’ human male who always seems to be watching everyone, all the time.

During the journey, which is estimated to take no more than 5 hours, Sunward individually challenges every one of the passengers to a game of ‘Bones’ (simply the casting of multiple dice and totalling the results), a game which he has set up on a small folding table, and which he invariably wins.

Anyone partaking in a game should reduce their starting gold by 1 for each game played. He does not appear to be cheating, even to the closest scrutiny, and does not engage in small talk which does not directly relate to the game.

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