Welcome To Caledonia Springs

Welcome To Caledonia Springs, based on Middleground by plasticbox, a district of Sim City.

The intention is to play Caledonia Springs in a Prosperity Challenge style. A cast of over 400 sims comprise the resident pool of Caledonia Springs and are made up of EAxis Pre-Made Sims (many with makeovers), Sims who have had a starring role in previous blogs such as The Trials And Tribulations Of Sim Heights, and Prosperity Ridge, along with a selection of celebrity and character sims, complement a handful of simselves of friends and acquaintances of mine (some with name changes to protect the innocent).

I have also cherry picked from related challenges created by FuryFanFiction, mixa97sr, and Thranduil Oropherion, respectively, and the house created by Besca147, with a few structural changes, to run a ‘Big Brother’ challenge.

Families were rolled ‘Prosperity’ style and, with the exception of a single adult household which will be filled by the winner of the Big Brother challenge, have been filled with existing families which fit the composition determined by dice rolls.

Caledonia Springs has a particularly diverse range of residents and, in order to keep the population under control, it will play host to a third challenge, The ‘Serial Killer Challenge‘ by perihelion, marking the return of Kurt Barlow (and Odin).

Finally, a fourth challenge, in the form of an over-arching ‘draft lottery’ based loosely on The ‘Hunger Games‘ challenge by simzo10, will be in place where Caledonia Springs, designated as ‘District 12’ may be required to offer ‘volunteers’ (12 on a 12-sided die roll), to be drafted into the Sim City military. The draft lottery will run between each full rotation and should the district not be able to provide valid volunteers, a $250000 Forfeiture Tax will be levied, split evenly between all the current mainhood households in Caledonia Springs. This sum will be deducted from the overall neighbourhood value and impact the Prosperity Challenge scoring.

A D6 (six-sided die) will determine the total number of potential volunteers required. Further D6 (1’s rerolled) rolls will determine whether the volunteer is (2-3) honourably discharged (returned to their respective household with $10000 ‘salary’ and eligible to be re-drafted in future), (4-5) simply rejected and returned (sans payment and eligible to be re-drafted in future), or (6) missing in action (not returned and no household recompense). Volunteers with high skills will be permitted to re-roll negative outcomes once for each skill with at least 6 skill points.

Households begin with a full fridge however only food produced within the neighbourhood may be used to re-fill the fridge, Sims with excess stock may sell produce and likewise neighbourhood sims may purchase the same produce.


As an additional population control measure, a ‘Child Tax’ of $10000 will be imposed on any births beyond the first. Multiple births from an initial single pregnancy do not incur this tax. Likewise a single charge is payable if a taxable pregnancy results in multiple births. This tax does not apply adopted children (subject to adoption pool availability).

In order to be able to leave the mainhood and attend college, an ‘Education Tax’ of $10000 is payable, in advance of the eligible Teen moving to the college sub-hood. The Teen remains eligible for ‘draft’ selection until such time as the tax is paid. Scholarship Grants can be used to offset this cost should the Teen be eligible, likewise loans can be taken from the Caledonia Springs treasury.

I will also attempt to conform to a number gameplay adjustments, popularised by youtuber ‘Pleasant Sims‘ AKA Cindy, a full list of which can be found at PleasantSims.com.

Disclaimer: A number of Sims featured have their likeness based on real people known to the author however while names have been changed on request, sims actions are, for the most part dictated by the imposed and hard-coded behaviours of the Sims 2 developers and may be exaggerated or manipulated for comedy or storyline purposes. They are absolutely NOT reflective of the behaviours or beliefs of the actual people on whom they may be based.

A number of 3rd-party mods (all of which were legitimately obtained using methods which were correct at that time) are used which alter pre-defined behaviour in order to correct bugs or compliment specific playstyles and add realism these have been sourced over a number of years and from various sources many of which have been forgotten and/ or no longer exist. If you feel any intellectual properties of yours are being used without permission please get in touch outlining your preferred resolution using the contact details available elsewhere on this website.

Without further ado, the initial households are;

The Hollywood Household