S2 – Farmable Pigs

Hens, Roosters and chicks.

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Pigs and piglets. These randomly run around your lots. They have two needs which are social and hunger.

All items are found under Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous (Base Game) or Miscellaneous/ Pets (Pets+)

To purchase them you must first place the sign on your lot, then click on it to purchase your selection. Piglets require a sow to take care of their needs. To change their texture you have to use the design tool under buy mode, just as you would recolour other items.

There is a feed trough and water trough, they will need to fill their hunger needs.

Sims have an option to pet pigs or snuggle piglets, which will increase their social.

A Straw bed is available for their sleeping, but not required.

Piglets will grow up to be adults after a few days.

There is a slaughter option that will create a ham. You have to purchase the slaughter table in order to slaughter a pig, and the cooked version will be left on the table.

Note: These will conflict with the Farmsims version of the same.

Created by Rebecah at Affinity Sims

Download Links;

Affinity Sims (5.43MB)

The Sims Archive (2.21MB)