My World: Humour

World Humour was founded in October 2005 by Alistair Gibson, Chris Garvey & Mary Ponzio, to replace the increasingly broken UKHumor Yahoo group. It was the first piece of the puzzle which would eventually become My World Network as it was joined by Wrestling World and World Fantasy, which went on to become the UK Wrestling Archive and Infinite Realities, respectively.

In 2014, with the creation of My World Network, World Humour was unofficially rebranded My World: Humour, though it was not until 13 July 2022 that the change was fully implemented.

Group Rules:

1. The group is for the posting of funny content. Any deviation from this simple directive *may* result in punitive action.
2. Intolerance is NOT okay. People come in all shapes and sizes. Believe what they believe. Live how they live. Targeting someone based on their Background, Beliefs, Gender, Lifestyle, Orientation or virtually anything else, *may* result in punitive action.
3. Opinions are like Arseholes, everyone has one. If someone wants to be intimately acquainted with yours, they’ll probably ask.
4. Unsolicited self promotion is a one way ticket on the ban-bus to ban-town. Have something to plug? Speak to an Admin.

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